The Justice and My Father

From The Seneca Review, Fall 2011, Vol. 41/2.

Long before he’d put his trust in antitrust litigation,
    defending high-profile companies from the charge
of monopolistic behavior, he’d dreamt of being on the court,
    and there he was, though not exactly in robes,
offering up his considered opinions: “Out!” “Out!” “Long!” “Long!”
    My father was playing Justice Stevens
in the annual Washington Golf and Country Club championships,
    the 1%er version of a constitutional battle.

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Nor Yet a Dream of War

For Kevin, the former Defense Secretary’s son

From Rattle (Winter 2009, #32). Visit Rattle for an audio version of the poem:

We were sixth-graders at middle school camp,
conscripts in an old regime of the masculine,

privates third-class,
dreading the common shower,

the inevitable comparisons—
my own genital region like an unplanted field

far from a forest.
We didn’t much care for our unit,

especially the bigger boys, lords of the rise
they got out of you,

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