Table of Contents

Editors Thinking Stiffs: An Introduction

Part One
Fathers in Theory Fathers in Praxis: Merging Work and Parenting

Amitava Kumar Disney Dad

Lennard J. Davis Gaining a Daughter: A Father’s Transgendered Tale

David G. Campbell Gifts from the Sea

F. D. Reeve The Luck of the Irish

Jerald Walker Shifting the Tectonic Plates of Academia

John W. Wells Hair-Raising Experiences

Joseph Gelfer A River Runs through It: Queer Theory and Fatherhood

David Haven Blake On Writing and Rearing

Ira L. Strauber Doing Things with Words

J. Aaron Simmons On Fecundity Fidelity and Expectation: Reflections on Philosophy and Fatherhood

Gregory Orfalea Sheathing the Sword

Part Two
Family Made: The Difference of Alternative or Delayed Fatherhood

Robert Mayer Weighed but Found Wanting: Ten Years of Being Measured and Divided

Ralph James Savarese Vespers Matins Lauds: The Life of a Liberal Arts College Professor

Mark Montgomery How White Was My Prairie

Robert Gray Meniscus

John Bryant Once Was Lost

Mark Osteen Shared Attention: Hearing Cameron’s Voice

Kevin G. Barnhurst Accidental Academic Deliberate Dad

Andrew Hazucha Late Fatherhood among the Baptists

William Marsiglio Being a Dad Studying Fathers: Personal Reflections

Eric H. du Plessis Single Dad in Academia: Fatherhood and the Redemption of Scholarship

Stanford W. Carpenter Superheroes

Part Three
Forging New Fatherhoods: Ambitions Altered and Transformed

Jason Thompson Maybe It Is Just Math: Fatherhood and Disease in Academia

Mike Augspurger Dreaming of Direction: Reconciling Fatherhood and Ambition

Ting Man Tsao Making a Home for Family and Scholarship

Jeffrey B. Leak Change Is Here but We Need to Talk about It: Reflections on Black Fatherhood in the Academy

John Domini Vocabularies and Their Subversion: A Reminiscence

Charles Bane Balancing Diapers and a Doctorate: The Adventures of a Single Dad in Grad School

Alex Vernon It’s a Chapter-Book Huh: Teaching Writing and Early Fatherhood

Colin Irvine Pitcher This: An Academic Dad’s Award-Winning Attempt to Be in Two Places at Once

Chris Gabbard Odd Quirks

Gary H. McCullough The Precarious Private Life of Professor Father Fiction Chef and Other Possible Poignancies