Table of Contents

6 Editors’ Note: On the Lyric Body Stephen Kuusisto and Ralph James Savarese

9 Water and Stone: Trauma and Transformation Gregory Orr

14 Extreme Rendition Sam Hamill

16 Ancestral Altar #14 Binh Dahn

17 Homage Melanie Almeder

18 The Iridescence of Life Binh Dahn

19 The Iridescence of Life Melanie Almeder

21 Outlook Tito Mukhopadhyay

23 Aristotle’s Help and My Ridiculous Special Education Classes Tito Mukhopadhyay

28 Walking to Abbasanta Anne Finger

37 Remedies for Sorrow Katie Ford

39 My Boxing Body Binnie Klein

46 A Pushcart Prize F. D. Reeve

47 My Grave and the Last Side Show Tent Dawn Prince

64 Migrate Elizabeth Graver

66 From Sickbed Shores Adrienne Rich

68 Dis Susanne Antonetta

75 Clubbing Jim Ferris

77 Why I’ll Never Meet Tony Hoagland Jim Ferris

79 Knotty Jim Ferris

80 Memory, Music, and Cochlear Implant Laura C. Stevenson

85 What Survives Achim Nowak

100 Dear Mr. Vice President Thomas Lynch

102 Tortured Body Amitava Kumar

108 Dysaesthesia Laurie Clements Lambeth

109 Six Graves for Seven Writers Jennifer Finney Boylan

124 Gout Law George Barlow

125 Appendectomy George Barlow

126 Skin Jane Bernstein

133 The Soul Is Granted Flight Rafael Campo

135 Primary Care Rafael Campo

136 Vesper Adest Joy Castro

139 Excessive Force John Lee Clark

140 On My Return from a Business Trip John Lee Clark

141 My Last-Ditch Attempt Rebecca Epstein

155 From Deaf Republic Ilya Kaminsky

156 Of Deafness Ilya Kaminsky

157 From Deaf Republic Ilya Kaminsky

158 Edvard Munch’s Puberty, Mine Ona Gritz

159 Vestige Ona Gritz

160 On Water Susan Neeley

171 Dead Man’s Dive J. Harley McIlrath

178 The Side Effects of Side Effects Floyd Skloot

184 APOCALYPSE, Darling Barrie Jean Borich

202 “Stucco’d All Over with Quadrapeds and Birds” Mark Doty

212 Notes on Contributors